Hi, I'm Bobby!

Born and raised in the storied South Carolina Lowcountry, my soul reeks of pluff mud and hickory-smoked pork.  

As a photographer, I love providing brands with sun-soaked images of real folks living their best outdoor lives, that resonate with buyers searching for authenticity in their advertising campaigns. Think high-end meets hang-loose. It's not just about the shot; it's about embracing the genuine, untamed spirit of an outdoor lifestyle, translating that thrill into every image. Working in challenging outdoor environments, tight spaces, on boats, and hiking into the field has taught me to be light, nimble, and efficient with small crews and always on the move. 

I am based in South Carolina with my wife, two daughters, and our two dogs. As Biggie Smalls once said, “Super Nintendo. Sega Genesis.  When I was dead broke, man, I couldn’t picture this.” From casting lines to capturing moments, I dove headfirst into the wild world of outdoor photography. Knee-deep in rivers or hanging off cliffs, I’m on a mission. No fish tales here, just breathtaking visuals that'll hook you in, line and sinker.

Let’s go devour some BBQ, sip sweet tea and make big plans. Or just call me. You’re literally a phone call away from a great time. Just look what Joe Rogan didn’t say about me on his podcast: “Bobby is like the perfect storm, a tsunami of awesome.”

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Recent Clients include AARP, Brays Island, Buffalo Groupe, Discover SC, Hyundai Construction Equipment, Montana Fish and Wildlife, New York Times, Primland Resort, Okra Magazine,  Outside Magazine, Sporting Classics, Sun Mountain Sports, Tail Fly Fishing Magazine,  and Visit Myrtle Beach.

Within a day trip of these southeastern cities:



I consider myself a true field to plate photographer. There is something special to be said about being connected to your food. The cultures ingrained in the South are where I draw inspiration.


Small, fast, and nimble. That's the approach I have brought to photo shoots for the last decade. Utilizing small crews and being mobile while producing authenticity in photographs is where I shine.


Currently living in the South Carolina low country I'm partial to salt water and pine plantations, but my happy place will always be the mountains. 

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