Published: The New York Times - Imperiled Frog Populations

Earlier this year I was asked to shoot a story on declining frog and salamander populations in the United States by The New York Times. I met up with ARC biologists down in Francis Marion National forest just outside Charleston South Carolina to spend the evening and late into the night searching for specific frog and salamander species in the South Carolina swamps. Right away we found several salamander species in the water and under some logs. Later into the evening we found the frogs they were looking for. During the shoot I was asked to cover the process in photographs but also with a few short video clips for their web page article. This shoot is a testament to what I love. Working with small crews in the field photographing real people doing what they do. To shoot this I traveled light with a couple of camera bodies, a water housing, and one light set up to get the portrait and night shots. 

Stand Up To Cancer Ad

Stand Up To Cancer partnered with Visit Myrtle Beach to shoot their recent ad in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I was brought in to shoot the background image of a couple on the beach as part of the video campaign. The image of Matthew McConaughey was shot by photographer John Russo and dropped into the final. This has run as full page ads in several national magazines and AdAge.

stand up to cancer ad with Matthew McConaughey and a couple in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.
Couple walking on the beach in Myrtle Beach South Carolina with the Sky Wheel in the background on a sunny day.

Visit Myrtle Beach - Food Destination Photography

I recently was contracted by MMGY Global to shoot two full page ads for Visit Myrtle Beach, The Myrtle Beach SC tourism commission. Both ads were food lifestyle centered and to be placed in the December issues of Southern Living Magazine and Food & Wine Magazine. Styling was done by Beach Picnic Co. In Myrtle Beach and food styling was done by a local chef. The goal was two images. One with a focus on food but adding in a subtle human element and the next for an upscale couple getaway that involved charcuterie and wine. 

full page advertisement for Visit Myrtle Beach of a woman with wine at a table full of food.
A woman with wine at a table full of food outside on a sunny day.
full page advertisement for Visit Myrtle Beach of a couple enjoying a beach picnic at sunset.
A young couple enjoying a beach picnic at sunset in Myrtle Beach.
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