Published: Sailing World Magazine

Sailing World magazine recently commissioned me to shoot a portrait of nipper, Weston Barlow, on the sailboat he works. The boat is Jim Clarks, 100-foot, fifteen million dollars, sailboat called Comanche, which was docked in Charleston South Carolina for a short time. The boat is all-carbon-fiber and built to break records. The struggle here was shooting Weston where he works on the boat, inside the all-black, windowless hull of the race boat. Needless to say, it was less than ideal for lighting but after setting up some lights and opening a couple of hatches, we made some great photos. I have to say that Weston is way more of a man than I am. Working in the confined spaces of the ship while at speed in the ocean is nothing short of amazing.

Fly Fishing In South Carolina

South Carolina winters are a great time to be outside and fishing. Even if it’s not cold you pretty much end up alone. The tourists the flock to Myrtle Beach are all gone and fare weather anglers stay inside. I took an opportunity to get out on the water with a local Myrtle Beach Fishing guide, Landon Brice of Reel Fly Anglers, and go after some speckled trout and redfish on the fly, As well as shoot some photos and video along the way.

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